The Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation

Through the Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation, students may apply for College funding to support their summer or January term research/internship experiences, which opens those opportunities for students who may not otherwise be able to pursue them. This funding will allow Colby students to connect with leading research institutions and companies that are innovating in the biosciences, and offer students funding to pursue internships to prepare them to make an impact in their fields.

We also encourage you to seek your own experience with a mentor at a bioscience organization or institution, and work with that mentor and with the Linde Packman Director to craft your own experience.

Please begin the funding process by visiting the following student funding page on the DavisConnects website: You may then access this funding platform and apply for funding during the appropriate application dates (March 11, 2024 – March 22, 2024 is the application period for all Summer ’24 opportunities). You will be required to fill out a common application and then be prompted to answer the questions at the bottom of this page if qualified.

As you are planning your summer internship experience, you are strongly encouraged to contact Andrea Tilden, Director of the Linde Packman Lab, at early in the process to determine the appropriateness of your planned research and mentor, and to assist you in preparing the strongest possible application.

Award Amount Varies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe how this experience aligns with the purpose of the Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation.
  2. Who will directly supervise you? Please describe the nature of supervision, such as how often you will be mentored.