The Kristina Stahl Creative Writing Fund

The Kristina Stahl Creative Writing Fund provides Jan plan and summer stipends to cover the costs student incur while undertaking unpaid internships (i.e. short-term employment opportunities) at book publishers, literary magazines, creative writing centers, literary organizations, literary agencies, and other similar organizations related to writing and the literary arts. In the event that there are insufficient funds to support all applications, preference will be given to students who are minoring in creative writing or who are English majors with a concentration in creative writing. A typical grant ranges from $500-$2500. Funds are to cover costs, including travel, food, and lodging expenses related to the internships. The Kristina Stahl Fund hopes to cover the cost of two to three internships a year. Graduating seniors are not eligible for summer internships.

$500 - $2,500
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe previous internship, coursework, non-profit work, extracurricular activities, or other experience that might be directly relevant to the type of opportunities supported by the Kristina Stahl Writing Fund
  2. Who will supervise you? Describe the nature of the supervision, such as how often you will be mentored.
  3. Are you applying for funding from any source recommended to you in this system other than the Kristina Stahl?