The Sarah Janney Internship Grant

The History Department announces with great pleasure the call for proposals for Sarah Janney Internship Grants. These competitive grants are intended to allow History majors to accept otherwise unfunded internships while gaining valuable experience related to the major and to future career opportunities. Internship funding is available to continuing, full-time Colby students who are History majors and will provide up to $3000 toward student expenses.

Application Questions

1. Please describe the mission of the organization (200 words max).
2. Please describe your role and discuss your contribution (350 words max).
3. What are your learning objectives and how will you measure successful outcomes (350 words max)?
4. How will this experience enhance your time at Colby and tie into your history major? If you feel it is applicable, how will this experience contribute to your post-graduate plans (350 words max)?

Up to $3,000