Public Voices Student Grant

The Public Voices Initiative grew out of the match between the objectives and generous funding of the Schmaltz Family Effective Communication Initiative and ongoing conversations among faculty in the English Department, the Writing Program, and the Center for Teaching and Learning about the various ways we tell stories that reach audiences beyond Colby and beyond academe more broadly. The primary objective of the Public Voices Student Grant Program is to provide resources that help Colby students plan and execute a public writing, broadcasting, or storytelling project. Eligible projects might include, but are not limited to, podcasts, YouTube channels, radio programs, and print journalism, with the goal of reaching audiences beyond Colby. “Beyond Colby” could mean anything from forming local partnerships to reach Maine audiences to aiming for a national or global reach.

Eligibility and Specifics
All undergraduate students at Colby are eligible to submit a proposal. Proposals may be submitted by individual students or groups of students interested in undertaking a collaborative project. During the Spring 2023 funding cycle, the Grant Program can fund up to 10 projects with a maximum budget of $800 per project. Funds may be allocated for equipment purchases (including books and software), travel and/or research expenses associated with the project, and remote courses, seminars, or trainings on relevant skills not currently supported in Colby’s curriculum or faculty and staff resources.

Timeline and Selection Process
Applications must be submitted in full April 17, 2023, after which point they will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Awards will be announced on May 1, 2023. Recipients will have until January 1, 2024 to make use of their funds. By January 15, 2024, recipients will submit a brief summary report detailing how they used their funds and the extent of their progress on the project.

Application Questions
1. Names and class year of additional students participating in project (if applicable)

2. Project title

3. Project medium(s)    
Print journalism
Social Media

4. If you answered “Other” to the previous question, please explain.

5. Please provide an overview of your project, your motivations and goals for it, and the audience or audiences you aim to reach with it.

6. Please list any of your skills, experiences, or coursework relevant to your project.

7. Please describe how Public Voices Student Grant funds would help you achieve your goals for the project and how you plan to use the funds (you will fill out a separate budget table below, so you don’t need to list specific figures here).

8. Please provide an estimated timeline of your work from May 1, 2023 to the completion of your project.

9. Click Here to download the fillable budget form, complete and save it, and then upload it here. Please save it as a PDF if possible and change the document title to “lastnamebudget” before uploading.

Up to $800 per group